Are you satisfied enough?

by Christine Yanni

Everyday you strive in your life to feel satisfied.
What satisfies you?
Is it being happy in all circumstances whatever these circumstances are? Or being as most rich as possible? Or fulfulling succes at your school or work with the highest grades? Or being happy among your family,spouse and children? Or being alone? Or just being healthy?

Life has taught us that satisfaction can’t be fulfilled unless you know what you need, want and what you can do (Respect your limits).Therefore, satisfied people are good at making decisions. And they happily accept the consequences of their decisions whether good or bad and move on. As God granted everybody special and unique talents that others can’t do.

Meanwhile, they don’t blame others for their struggles. They afford the result of their choices. As they have realistic expectations of others not more or less😊 so so that they don’t get shocked afterwards.

They prefer learning alltime with non stop. They know when to stop losing time, energy or money in something that is not working.

And what you may not believe, they like to give more than they get. As they know that giving back makes the world better including themselves. So they feel happy.
They feel grateful and thankful for anything they have, whether to God or to any body. Nevertheless, they’re thankful when they are sick.

They live the moment and enjoy their relationships. So they don’t pretend to be another person to admire others. They’re themselves.

Satisfied people lean towards being always optimistic and avoid negative energy.

Hoping for all to know the way of satisfaction in each one’s life. May God enable us to be satisfied in all conditions, Amin🙂.

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