Autophagy? Only if it were a pill

By: Dr. Basim Ayoub, MD, FHM, DABOM - Exclusive for Charisma Daily

Over the last decade the most esteemed world scientific Nobel Prize was awarded in 2016 to doctor Yoshinori Ohsumi who has spent his whole career in his labs working on yeast and a previously described yet never understood process coined AUTOPHAGY since 1950’s, and after more than 3 decades of such hard work, a scientific breakthrough in the field of the very poorly understood before then AUTOPHAGY has taken the world by surprise, and it’s that very process that I deem the proverbial pill that every one of us can enjoy free of charge to increase our long sought after longevity. Lo and behold in his research mainly on yeast he has discovered a very old innate mechanism that can be turned on and off that’s capable of first and foremost prolonging the life of YEAST, almost doubling, and a slew of other mechanism that came to pass after more researchers started doing the same with different species. 
To name a few of such untapped and ever tantalizing processes that we have always been aware of but never been that able to tap, let alone turon on and off at will! First of which an innate mechanism of detoxifying not only the greatest detoxifier of all times our liver, but also the whole body, and almost on every cellular level can go through that same process, including the brain which get sharper, cleaner and even MCI Mild Congnitive Impairment in one study was observed to resolve!, add to that removing old cells, boosting the immune system, rejuvenating older tired cells, and those that are beyond repair readily yet almost uncannily disposed of by that very same previously untapped mechanism which I dare say a diamond in the rough, all disposed of in an unfathomable complicated process that we know now as autophagy which is Latin for self eating, that very process is capable of the feat of doing all of the above and that very almost unfathomable process we’re alluding to can be turned on either involuntarily and at will, the former is usually under stress and bodily duress like severe disease eg COVID-19 Cytokine Storm or and advancing cancer etc.
What happens is beyond marvelous an extremely harmonious process of turning off appetite and going into fasting mode so that the body can focus on fighting the aggressor be it cancer or any other type of severe illness, yet what we have learned and gleaned from Dr. Yoshinor Ohsumi lifetime work, is that this mechanism can be also turned on at will by going into fasting for more than 12-18 hours, as ketosis ensues and all the much sought after AUTOPHAGY is simply yet again almost tantalizingly on! and the longer an organism fasts the better the DETOX, and to those who care about weight loss using the mundane and arguably and unfortunately too commercialized Keto, the good news is this is only the tip of the iceberg of Water Fasting, as it also entails a plethora and myriad of other biological benefits the most overarching benefit of which is the most tantalizing dream of all times, an improved life longevity, and Dr. Valter Longo PhD another genius in the field has also covered this in his book “Longevity diet”, and yes ketogenic diet also buys you a ticket aboard that Now Available for Reservation and onboarding Longevity Train,

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