The coalition of Egyptian parties continues to support the state and the political leadership

The Executive Office of the Alliance of Egyptian Parties announced during its meeting a short while ago headed by the accountant Tayseer Matar, Secretary General of the Alliance, the head of the Generation Will Party and a member of the Senate that the alliance is continuing in its march to support the Egyptian state and support the political leadership, armed forces and police.

The Executive Office of the Alliance affirmed that the next stage and the challenges facing the country require more solidarity and national cohesion.

The Executive Office stated that the representation of 3 parties in the membership of the Senate and Representatives, namely the parties of the will of the generation and the national movement and the Democratic Sadat with 7 deputies, is an important step on the road to strengthening the coalition in parliament.

The Executive Office congratulated the Liberal Socialist Parties headed by Tariq Darwish and the Democratic Union headed by Hasan Turk for approving the Committee for Parties Affairs and ending the conflict within the two parties.

The Executive Office saluted the efforts and participation of the Sons of Masr Party headed by Medhat Barakat in the recent elections to the House of Representatives, as well as the participation of the Egypt Baladi Party and the National Movement with candidates for individual seats.

Accountant Tayseer Matar said that the Presidency Council of the coalition will be called for a meeting soon.

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