Cancer’s love affair with SUGAR might be its Achilles’ Heel ?

By: Dr. Basim Ayoub, MD, FHM, DABOM - Exclusive for Charisma Daily

It’s not just us who have a sweet tooth, as it turns out the infamous cancer does too and even more than us, There’s more to this story than meets the naked uninitiated eye, as a good recent body of literature has uncovered the ubiquity of glucose in most if not all cancer cells most especially breast, prostate and colon cancer

What most people don’t know is the burden of cancer on the world’s economy being so huge and the yoke has been fastened too tight! It costs the world whose economy is about 85 trillion dollars, a staggering 1.2 Trillion dollars globally and about 150-200 billion dollars locally in the US and is unfortunately projected to sky rocket in the very near foreseeable future

Despite the jaw dropping costs, it’s still on the rise unabated by the cutting edge technology and I personally find it very intriguing that no one is trying to find a very good reason why! Which could be The Proverbial Elephant In The Room?! Poor and meager nutrition in my personal yet professional view, can very well be the leading cause of cancer in the world, we stand no chance facing the onslaught of an invincible enemy called “Cancer” enabled by none other but human race, and that’s owing to us departing from the natural way of eating intended for us by the creator, and we have vehemently have ignored mother Nature’s obvious cues trying to nudge us towards a healthy way of eating and have followed some unproven hypotheses about how we should modernize our food and eating habits and since the inception of that catastrophic approach to eating and lifestyle by enlarge, we have seen nothing but dwindling reserve and immunity to fight off a slew of diseases, cancer simply being just one of them! And all of them seem to be on the rise too

Yet it’s very obvious we have become adept at coming up with cutting edge technology and science with which huge corporations keep on churning out a medication and device for every symptom, sign and disease! And of course chemotherapy as well as BIOLOGICS are no exception! And we have ignored the elephant in that room! Called Poor Dietary Habits! While upon scrutiny the former is toxic to most human cells especially the fast growing of them like hair, and gastrointestinal, hence the hair falling and the annoying nausea and vomiting with many of the older and even some newer chemotherapy drugs! While the latter is simply a way of us emulating nature and our own bodies’ shrewd almost unfathomable way of fighting off such cancers! Pill for an ill paradigm has been nothing but pervasive, because humans have been enamored by the more appealing science behind it, ignoring the more logical science behind why nature’s way of doing things for us might be not only easier, but a lot more cost effective and simply smarter

And if that is the case, then even the uninitiated can construe that our human bodies are or let me say should be able to fend off most cancers, but we haven’t been able to do so as our bodies have been designed to do that under one simple condition? What’s that? Eating in a fashion that’s conducive to arming our bodies with the necessary Ammunition & Arsenal Of Ingredients needed to fight off cancers, namely phytonutrients like Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals, Enzymes all packed in fibers which could very well be the ling sought after Holy Grail or Panacea to health and living a life that’s free from disease

But as we all know we have been afflicted over the past century with a rather regrettable avalanche of processed foods that lack many if not most of these Phytonutrients, despite the claims of being “Enriched” like in the case of White Flour! Which means manufacturers admit to such “Food” products don’t have what it takes to earn the titular “Food” name they loosely carry unabashedly, It’s sad that that this rings true for every product on the market on every shelf in super markets taking the lion’s share of about 70% of current “Food” markets! And we have fallen for the ruse and have latched on to the new way of perceiving food, and instead of “Eat for Health” approach to life! We have adopted a rather sinister approach to life which is “Eat for Fun”, and take pills, supplements and medications when needed for prevention of disease or even treating it! We have fallen victims to huge corporations preying on us while claiming to be trying to save human life’s, learning nothing but deaf ears to the deafening screaming body of evidence that the problem is one of eating all the wrong “foods” called “fast food”. Yet under the microscope of truth finding and pursuing over their claims they simply don’t hold water, and humanity’s call for action has to right the wrong of “Eat whatever you like” and when you get sick we’ll take care of it, has been ignored for decades and far too long! But such claims simply that have never panned out and we have been getting sicker and sicker and nobody seems to care, not even the afflicted or specifically us! We have become the proverbial Stockholm Syndrome Sick falling in love with our captors

Cancer loves sugar to the point that it rewires its cells to use it out of the usual context of using glucose (The preferred cell fuel) in the mitochondria, and it’s like a life hack for cancer! Trying to save time, energy (No pun intended) and effort and has managed to mischievously come up with another “Anaerobic Glycolysis” way without having to use the mitochondria at all and will use that glucose without needing the quintessential oxygen that much, thus being “Anaerobic” which is literally not needing air! Also might be note worthy that a cancer like breast cancer which afflicts about one in 6 women in the US and many other similar countries, has managed to make the cells 6 times more sensitive to Insulin which brings in Glucose to the cell in the first place and that’s another attempt at winning the race and marathon to outgrowing neighboring normal human cells, and finally achieving its sole evil goal, that is winning the race against human cells, which is sheer stupidity on the cancer’s part because in doing so it effectively and eventually itself dies too

Last but not least, insulin resistance which can and in effect is a prelude to a human life languishing with an uninvited enemy called Diabetes Mellitus both of which double the risk of dying from cancer. Both are a byproduct of a life rife with eating fast foods lacking the aforementioned ingredients of any food that’s worthy of the title of “Food”, it’s very true that humans have become adept at digging their own graves with their own forks and knives every lamentable time we eat a lackluster “Food Product” that’s leading to our human race inevitable early demsie owing to a myriad of diseases, one of which is cancer

?The Achilles Heel? Can we Starve Cancer

Anecdotally yes and I have heard it from hundreds of my own patients coming tofruition with this unique logical approach, when resorting to that untapped resource and Diamond in the rough approach called “Cancer Loves Cancer”, so we can starve it by denying it the staple fuel, without which it can’t grow or at least halt its unstoppable growth, while we truly can curb such growth at will, and our human cells won’t suffer as much because there’s no known Carbohydrate Deficiency known to mankind that I am scientifically aware of! Hence the success of Keto diet

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