A great man

Written by: Christine Yanni

It is true that “beyond every great man there is a great woman as well”, starting with his mother, who watched over his comfort and made him a prominent man in society, to his beloved, wife or sister, who accompanied him in his life’s journey of joys and hardships, and who helped him reach a great position in society.

She is a woman who made him a strong man in his positions and was a support for his success. A woman who was a wise counsellor when necessary. Patient woman.

Today, I would like to make up an example of inspiration that I thought is worth looking at, that also “beyond every great woman there is a great man as well.” And the greatness of a man here does not mean the highness of his position, his material level, or even his outward appearance, but rather the greatness of his attitudes. As we know very well, masculinity is nothing but attitudes.

If you see a man who was a pillar on which his daughter rests, becoming his dear friend tells him everything new since her childhood without questioning or intimidation until she reaches safety , then you have seen a great father. She needed him in a time of distress and found him to save her. When feeling confused in resolving her crisis, he was the best companion. She was afraid of the stranger, and he was the best encouragement and supporter nearby. She was ashamed to express her opinion, so he strengthened her position. She got angry, and found a father who contained her without hatred. She wanted love and embrace, so she found his embrace that satisfied every need unconditionally until he made her not need a stolen love.

 And if you see a man who earns his son’s affection by advising and guiding wisely without violence or stubbornness until he becomes another man after him, or he raises his son without racial discrimination in his duties between him and his sister or his mother, then really you have also seen a great father.

If you see a friendly husband who understands his wife’s psychology well, knows the times of her physical and psychological fatigue, comforts her, and eagerly seeks what pleases her heart, then you are in front of a great man. Or a husband who supports his wife in what she loves to do of work or talent and encourages her and advises her sincerely, or listens to her when she needs it, he has won her friendship. And if you find a man who supports his woman in her illness until she is healed, and her sorrows, therefore, he became her strong consolation in her life. Or he shares with her the upbringing of children without negativity or laziness, or with household tasks, then he feels shared responsibility.

Most men may think that when a woman is looking for these qualities in a man, she is exaggerating a lot or asking for impossible imaginary requests. But it is already present in every man who realizes and understands early in his life that the stability of his family is due to his support for his family or his wife and children. And that when he supports the woman in his life, he makes her a rose that never withers and a fragrance that always smells, and of course this will, in turn, be reflected on him.

This is not a defect or difficult. As God created the man to support the woman, and the woman to help him. Neither one of them was wronged by distinguishing one from the other or subjugating one over the other.

And my wish is finding all people in the world dealing with this thought with awareness and without discrimination, so that it raises righteous and mature sons and good daughters. And so that we know from where all social problems erupt.

So in order to let “beyond every great man, there’s a great woman” or “beyond every great woman a great man “, there must be a nucleus called love, which is the lifeblood of doing anything in life. Without love, all positive feelings died, and humanity died as well.

So, greetings and appreciation to every great man beyond a great woman.

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