Your smile is beautiful

By Christine Yanni

Has anyone ever praised you, near or far, for your smile because it brightens your eyes without saying a word? Or did someone praise you for your smile because it gives him a spirit of optimism even in the darkest of circumstances?

Can you deny the beauty of the smile of a child in your face, caressing you without talking to him? or when you play with him and received acceptance and safety from his side towards you? Or experienced the smile of an elderly person who has no ability to speak or move because your smile lengthened his beautiful days?

Have you ever smiled in the face of a man or a woman with misery and pain written on the forehead of either of them, and they only exchanged a look of satisfaction because you smiled at either of them?

Or did you smile in the face of the one you love when he faced pain or difficulties in his life, and you found him reciprocating a look of reassurance? Or did you feel relieved when the doctor smiled at you at the time of examining you because he reassured your heart? Or did your heart rest on the smile of someone who reassured you in light of your problems or illness because he felt you?

Have you ever experienced a sincere smile from the heart in the face of your enemy who hurt you, giving him feelings of no hatred or revenge for the blessing of the expansion of your heart that God gave you?

Or did you ever come across someone you don’t know and smiled in his face when you bumped into him without intending and he exchanged you a look of pardon? Or did you succeed with your smile in an assembly that you did not want to sit in when you heard words that did not satisfy you so that your time may pass in peace?

How much does a smile do miracles, as it is really the key to the path of life, and it also does not cost us anything, so do not skimp on anyone with it, perhaps it will release him a lot. But it is not any smile, only the sincere one that comes from a sincere heart. It is also very useful to its owner. When you always see your face smiling, you are sending yourself positive energy that helps you live life.

It shows the beauty of your God’s creation drawn on your face, whatever your shape.

So always take care of it because your smile is beautiful.

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